Work-in-Progress Screening (Takoma Park)

Date and time:
Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 at 07:30 PM
to Wednesday Feb 6 at 09:30 PM

Takoma Park Community Center
7500 Maple Avenue
Takoma Park, MD

This work-in-progress screening provides an opportunity for local and visiting documentary filmmakers to screen their unfinished films to an audience and get valuable feedback. After screening the film, a facilitator from Docs In Progress will moderate a feedback session with the audience. This honest and constructive feedback is aimed at helping the filmmakers get to the next stage of completing and distributing the film.  This program is presented jointly with We Are Takoma.


Over the Hurricane with Dr. Z (30 minutes)
by Aziza Baccouche
The wingspan of a DC-8 airplane is about the length of eight parking spaces. The average hurricane is about six hundred miles wide. Imagine a DC-8 plane steering right at a hurricane, aiming to fly all the way to the eye and, hopefully, back out again. What kind of person is that pilot? And who on earth would volunteer to go along? Scientist and filmmaker Aziza “Dr. Z” Baccouche documents how NASA and NOAA scientists gear up for their dangerous mission to gather data from inside a hurricane moving over the southeastern part of the USA. Footage of Hurricane Katrina – raging water, drowned houses, catastrophic poverty – drives home how life-saving the work of these scientists might be. This film is part of a planned series which connects breakthroughs in science research with the human experience. This film will be presented with closed captioning and audio description.

Under Fire: Free Tutoring At Risk (35 minutes)
by David Long
Launched in 2001 as a quiet provision of No Child Left Behind, Supplemental Education Services (SES) is a crucial — yet endangered — federal program that provides free-tutoring for low income students trapped in low performing public schools. SES has provided after-school and weekend tutoring services to millions of low-income students over the past decade. After a decade of improved implementation, dozens of states have won federal waivers to limit or discontinue SES despite substantial evidence that well-implemented programs are academically beneficial. This film explores the value of the program and the efforts to maintain its existence.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
7:30-9:30 pm

Takoma Park Community Center Auditorium
7500 Maple Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912.

The Community Center is off Philadelphia Avenue between Piney Branch and Carroll.  Parking is free.  If taking Metro, the walk from the Takoma Park Metro Station is about 20 minutes or you can take Ride-On Buses 25 (towards Langley Park) or 12 (towards Silver Spring) to the Community Center.  Click here for a Google Map

Free. No advance tickets or RSVP required.

This screening is co-sponsored by We Are Takoma,
an arts and humanities programming series
sponsored by the Takoma Park City Government
and is made possible as a free event
through support from

Maryland State Arts Council